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white mineral oil

We supply various grade white oil, food grade, cosmetic grade, industrial grade. Our model include :3#,5#,7#,10#,15#,20#,26#,36#

White oil, often referred to as white mineral oil.It is after the depth of the special refined mineral oil.White oil is colorless, tasteless, chemical inertness, light stability and good performance, basic structure composed of saturated hydrocarbon, aromatic hydrocarbon

Different categories of white oil in use is also different.

Industrial grade white oil, is produced by hydrocracking base oil as raw material, the depth of dewaxing, such as chemical refining, resulting from the process can be used in chemical, textile, chemical fiber, petrochemical, electric power, agriculture, etc., can be used for the production, such as PE, PS, PU, etc.

Food-grade white oil, is a mineral oil as base oil, the depth of the chemical refining, edible alcohol extraction process such as after.Suitable for grain and oil processing, fruit, vegetable processing, dairy processing, bread, cutting machine and other food industry processing equipment lubrication, applied to the glazing and anti-sticking food, defoaming, shaving, sealing, can make macaroni, bread, biscuits, chocolate and other food release agent, can prolong wine, vinegar, canned fruits, vegetables, storage and freshness.

Cosmetic grade white oil, is obtained by hydrogenation raw material after a highly refined.Apply to the cosmetic industry, can make hair cream, hair oil, lipstick, surface oil, cream, sunscreen, baby oil, cold cream, ointment and softener base oil.